Victory in Terminal Conflict depends on your administration's achievements and legacy to human history when the game ends.

Matches can be won in PLAY, in CHALLENGE MODE or WARGAMES MODE. All games won in PLAY contribute to your ranking while CHALLENGE MODE and WARGAMES MODE wins do not.

Automatic Victory

There are several ways to achieve an immediate automatic victory. A full list of automatic victory and defeat conditions that can be achieved can be seen below.

Victory Defeat
1 - Gain 100 VP MORE than your opponent - Domestic Interests Mismanagement
2 - Complete SPACE RACE - UPLINK terminated by DISCONNECTION
- No possible logistics capital* left
* A Logistics capital can only form in a region with a minimum 3 Influence Points. All Controlled (or better) would have to be lost

U.P.L.I.N.K terminated

Surrendering or Disconnecting from a game will result in an automatic victory for the opponent. It is possible to reconnect to the match and not give your opponent an automatic victory so long as you rejoin within 90 seconds from the disconnection.

Final Scoring Victory

If neither side has achieved an automatic victory before reaching the end of Timeline X (1991- ), then the player with the highest amount of VP wins the game.


If both players end the game in a draw (equal amount of points) a draw screen message is displayed. Draw plays do not count as a win or a loss, they only add to the total amount of played games.

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