Each turn for a player consists of two possible phases.

  • Decisions Mechanics - you may trigger a decision for its text or for FP. Triggering a player triggered decision for its text will deplete FP corresponding to the decision .json file and end the turn while dismissing a decision grants you the FP corresponding to the DismissFocusPointValue (If it has one) and does NOT end your turn [REQUIRES CLARIFICATION - Acularius]
  • Deployment or Military Combat - depleting a single unit's actions (depleting one unit's 2 action points by movement of unit and use of action or offensive action). Player turn is controlled by actions and after the unit is depleted of action points the turn will end and your opponents turn will begin. [NOTE - SEEKING VERIFICATION/CLARIFICATION]

If you have Focus Points (FP) left while your opponent has run out of FP and they have no decisions left to play to gain FP, turns will continue their flow and end normally with the exception that after you end your turn the turn will progress and it will be your turn again until you have also depleted your FP. See Timeline for more information on Timeline progression.

Turn Timer

Each turn is limited in time to 90 seconds (+additional bonuses from Government) and when the timer ticks down to 0 and if no combat action have been taken, the turn will switch to your opponent's and 1 Focus Point (FP) will be lost from your Focus Point Pool. During opponent's turn, you will see the opponent's timer ticking up from 0 instead of down.

Turn Indicator

In the top left corner of game's console GUI there is a graphic indicating the current faction's turn. A blue star for the USA and an orange Sickle and Hammer for the USSR. In the same area, the Theater in Focus and whether it's a Disarmament or Arms Race is also displayed.

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