The Trigger Menu allows the user to modify the set of triggers required for the decision to fire, if coming from the Decision Menu, or for the option to be available for selection, if coming from the Options Menu. The user can:

  1. Remove or duplicate existing triggers
  2. Add, remove or duplicate trigger groups ("Any of the following", "All of the following")
  3. Switch a trigger group between "Any" and "All"
  4. Edit a trigger's properties

The Trigger menu shows one of two sets of triggers:

  1. If the user has selected the Triggers property in the Decision Menu, the menu shows the triggers contained in the decision
  2. If the user has selected the Conditions property in the Options Menu, the menu shows the conditions contained in one of the decision's option

Triggers list

  • The left-hand side of the menu shows a hierarchical list (a tree) of the triggers
  • The "All of the following" or "Any of the following" entries are trigger groups, containing any number of sub-triggers TriggersMenu-TriggerGroup
    • Clicking on them switches between "Any" and "All"
    • Triggers contained within this group are indicated by a two-space indentation
    • The system can be recursive, i.e. a trigger group can contain another trigger group
    • Hovering over a trigger group brings up four buttons:
      • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupDeletedeletes the trigger group and all of the triggers contained within (no confirmation asked)
      • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupNew creates a new trigger group within the selected trigger group
      • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupNewRegular creates a new regular trigger within the selected trigger group
      • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupDuplicate duplicates the trigger group and the content within
  • The other kind of entries are regular triggers, containing the actual conditions needed to fulfill TriggersMenu-Trigger
  • Clicking on them shows what they are about in the right-hand side of the menu
  • Hovering over a trigger brings up two buttons:
    • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupDeletedeletes the trigger (no confirmation asked)
    • TriggersMenu-TriggerGroupDuplicate duplicates the trigger

Triggers information

  • When clicking on a regular trigger, the right-hand side of the menu shows all the information related to that trigger
  • The user can edit any property by clicking on the relevant item, such as Type, Target, etc.
  • The value of Type determines what the trigger is about and it regulates which properties can be edited and which can't (as some properties aren't relevant to a type, such as Regions for Doomsday Clock Value type)
  • The Value Arguments property brings the user to the Arguments Menu
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