A game consists of 10 timelines starting from 1946, each corresponding to a timeline of 5 years except for the last one. The years are used for Leader calculation.


Starting Timeline

The Timelines
Year Range
I) 1946-1950
II) 1951-1955
III) 1956-1960
IV) 1961-1965
V) 1966-1970
VI) 1971-1975
VII) 1976-1980
VIII) 1981-1985
IX) 1986-1990
X) 1991-

End of Timeline

A timeline ends when both players have run out of Focus Points and have no more Player Triggered Decisions Mechanics available to play for FP. The Timeline ending is done in World Overview screen where all the remaining Achieved Player Triggered Decisions done by you or your opponent get successively triggered and give their rewards.

All animations for available decisions in Regions stop and instead in World Overview the remaining decision trigger each in a row with a one blink animation for all as they are played. This is done for each region depending on their LocationIDs displaying them each in the Message Log as with their #DECISIONNAME.

Victory Points

Timelines generate VP, for more see WINNING THE MATCH.

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