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The World Overview, accessible by selecting the Orientation Minimap button in the Top Field (see Chapter 4.3.1) is the highest level element of the world map, composed of a number of strategically important territories roughly the size of continents, called 'Theaters'. Theaters are not only important for their geographical setting but are one of the primary means of gaining Victory Points. Depending on your faction's total influence in each theater (amount of influence relative to the max), you will gain the following reward at the end of each timeline:
  • 0-19% is Insignificant theater influence and produces no VPs.
  • 20-49% means theater Presence and rewards you 1 VP per theater at this level.
  • 50-89% means theater Control and produces 2 VP per theater at this level.
  • 90+% means theater Domination and produces 3 VP per theater at this level.

For a full overview, the Timeline End Rewards are seen in the top left part of the World Overview.

There are 10 theaters in the game divided by thick fully drawn borders and 1 special theater (each selectable in World Overview for quick access):
  • Arctic: 1 regions (Special theater that borders three theaters and is only accessible by Submarine Fleets)
  • Central America: 7 regions.
  • East Asia: 18 regions.
  • Eastern Europe: 10 regions (USSR Home theater)
  • Middle East: 14 regions.
  • North America: 10 regions (USA Home theater)
  • Pacific: 9 regions.
  • South America: 14 regions.
  • South Asia: 8 regions.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 18 regions.
  • Western Europe: 15 regions.

Home Theaters are exceptional as they start with high amounts of factional influence.

Home Theaters