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* [[Western Europe]]: 15 territories.
* [[Western Europe]]: 15 territories.
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Theaters are the high level element of the strategic map, each composed of a number of regions. Theaters are the primary means of determining Victory Point accumulation, depending on the faction's presence in the area (amount of influence relative to the max) at the end of each timeline/era:

  • 0-19% is Insignificant and produces no VPS.
  • 20-49% means Presence and produces 1 VP per era.
  • 50-89% means Control and produces 2 VP per era.
  • 90+% means Domination and produces 3 VP per era.

Furthermore, players choose a theater to focus on in each era, paying no People cost for military movement and other bonuses. As can be plainly seen, focusing on theaters matters a great deal and those with smaller amounts of regions are quicker to yield VP dividends - but are also more likely to become contested, especially in areas where land territories are at a premium.