Surface Fleet [SURF]

Consists of a large number of capital ships (not including carriers) and surface vessels of all types these fleets are devastating against Submarine fleets but vulnerable against Carrier fleets.

Active Abilities:

  • Disembark (The fleet can serve as a deployment and transport platform for an Army Command)

Passive Abilities:

  • Convoying - reduces deployment base cost by 1 Focus Point [FP] [logistics modifier shown in Intel Info for the opponent is dependent on unit Visibility]
  • If the Surface fleet is destroyed while transporting a unit, the transported unit is also destroyed in the process. If the Surface fleet is retired to Command Reserves, the transported unit is also sent to the Command Reserves.
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB when at friendly coastal regions
  • Manoeuvres - Can be ordered to cross Theater borders between adjacent Theaters during Arms Race focus
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