Submarine Fleet [SUBF]

Containing a large number of submarine vessels of all types, stealthy and devastating against Carrier fleets but vulnerable against Surface fleets.

Active Abilities:

  • Special Operations Duty - Increases Intel mission success for 4 Turns as long as sub remains in the region by 25% (never more than 100%) [Only possible in neutral or enemy regions, non-stackable and sets the Submarine Fleet to Engaged]
  • Nuclear launch (can be equipped with nukes if enabled by technology - Nuclear)

Passive Abilities:

  • Hunter Killer Duty - Detect enemy Sea Fleets in Adjacent regions [Can now use the ability any time they are not REORGANIZING or WITHDRAWING, and NOT into or from the Arctic]
  • Arctic Operations - Can operate in the Arctic
  • Rigorous Vetting - Immune to infiltration by CIA/KGB
  • Visible for only 2 turns when committing offensive actions or when defending from an opponent attack
  • Manoeuvres - Can be ordered to cross Theater borders between adjacent Theaters during Arms Race focus
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