The Start Menu is the first menu presented when the editor is launched. It allows the player to:

  1. Create new mods from existing ones or delete them
  2. Edit basic data about mods (faction, multiplayer allowed etc.)
  3. Edit their content such as decisions

Mod list

  • On the left-hand portion of the menu, the installed mods are displayed in a list, with the main game displayed as the first entry, called "Terminal Conflict"
  • Clicking on an entry will highlight the mod and, on the right-hand portion of the menu, will display its basic information
  • Clicking on StartMenu-CopyFrom will display a dialog prompting the player to choose a name for the new mod being created, which will be initialized with all the files and values from the selected mod
  • If the mod can be edited, an "X" will be prepended allowing the user to delete the mod entirely if clicked StartMenu-NewModEntry; no confirmation is asked.
  • The mods installed by default can't be edited from within the editor. For them, the Edit button is displayed as darkened StartMenu-EditDark, whereas for new mods that the user creates the Edit button is enabled StartMenu-Edit. In this case, clicking on it will bring the user to the Edit Menu, where the selected mod's content can be modified.

Mod information

  • When selecting a mod, the right-hand portion of the menu displays its basic information such as the image displayed, the title, etc.
  • Some of its properties, such as the image and the faction, can be edited by clicking on them
  • The faction determines what faction will the player play as. If set to ALL, it means the mod can be played in multiplayer mode.
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