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The Space Race is a special Victory condition that also grants regular VPs to the first faction to achieve them. It's imperative that you rush to get these as soon as possible, as completing them after the other side gains them yields no bonus at all.


Name Description Date VP Granted Cost Image Special
Satellite in Orbit For the first time in our nation's history we will launch a man-made object beyond the confines of our planet and place it into orbit. The world will surely be in awe as people across the globe tune their radios to listen to signals from our satellite. The national space agency is scheduling a press conference after the launch where the world will be briefed on the start of the 'Space Age'. 1955 2 1
SpaceRace Sputnik Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Animal in Orbit To test survivability in the cold darkness of the final frontier mankind's greatest friend has to commit a huge sacrifice. By placing a dog in orbit we will collect valuable data that lets us move forward with our space program. In order to keep the public reception positive we have decided not to answer questions from the press about the eventual outcome of our heroic friend. 1957 2 1
SpaceRace Laika Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Human in Space A spacecraft carrying our country's greatest pioneer is planned to skim the upper atmosphere on a suborbital flight. Wearing specialized equipment and transmitting scientific flight data at regular intervals, we aim to have him returned to Earth after a full revolution around the planet. If successful, our hero will surely become a worldwide sensation overnight turning him into a household name, and a fitting candidate, to represent our space agency. 1961 5 2
SpaceRace Yuri Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Space Rendezvous By maneuvering two separate spacecraft orbiting at incredible speeds with extreme precision, our scientists and engineers aim to complete an orbital rendezvous. The implications of such an achievement are incredible. It would allow us to build more complex structures in space without being constrained by the weight limitations of a single rocket. The scientific community will certainly celebrate the news with much pomp and excitement. 1966 5 2
SpaceRace EarthOrbit Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Moon Orbital For millennia mankind has looked to the skies at night mesmerized by the majestic figure of the Moon. Naturally one of the biggest goals of our space program has always been to get there and we mean to finally take one of the biggest steps in accomplishing that goal. Our manned spacecraft will place itself in orbit around the Moon and gather valuable data about the surface, including feasible landing zones for future missions. 1966 7 3
SpaceRace MoonOrbit Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Moon Landing In a live TV feed broadcast to hundreds of millions of people across the globe our pioneers will take their first steps on the Moon. Collecting rock samples and planting our flag on the lunar plains they will then be returned back home. Our space agency and press corps are already working on arrangements for a world tour featuring our brave heroes. This prestigious achievement is sure to increase our standing in the eyes of our allies and enemies alike. 1969 7 3
SpaceRace MoonLanding Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Space Station We intend to construct our nation's first space station by connecting several smaller structures in orbit into a large, permanent outpost. While some countries and organizations claim that this will lead to the militarization of space, the station will allow us to perform scientific experiments on a scale never seen before by completing about 15 revolutions around the Earth a day. 1971 10 4
SpaceRace SpaceStation Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%
Strategic Defense Initiative The scientific expertise our space program has accrued through years of steady investment now enables us to build a space weapons platform in orbit around the Earth. Capable of disabling missiles in flight, this platform will facilitate our total dominion over space, nullifying the enemy's nuclear arsenal. Such a display of power would settle this conflict once and for all; victory is within our grasp. 1980 15 5
SpaceRace SDI Big Normal.png
Intel: Reconnaissance: +10%