The Nuclear Technology tab can be found in State Affairs.


Nuclear Tech Research

Nuclear Techs

There are 7 different nuclear techs to research and the last slot shows the Arsenal Production rate.


Nuclear Tech Research Two Units

  1. Nuclear Research: Enables Arsenal production
  2. Intercontinental Bomber: Enables Bomber Commands to deliver nuclear strikes within their strike range
  3. Strategic Fighter-Bomber: Enables Fighters and Carrier Fleets to deliver nuclear strikes within their strike range
  4. Ballistic Missile Attachment: Bomber Commands [BC] gain the ability to launch a Bomber strike and a Ballistic strike so each BC strike launches two nukes instead of the traditional one
  5. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Attachment: Upgrades range for Missile attachment for Bomber Command
  6. 002-NuclearArsenalChange

    Nuclear Enabled Unit

    Ballistic Missile Submarine: Enables Submarine Fleets to deliver nuclear strikes within their strike range
  7. Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle: Enables Missile strikes to split into three partials striking three neighbouring regions with each one launch using up 3 nukes but being able to deliver 3 times as many strikes as a regular missile strike.

Arsenal Production rate

This figure shows how many nukes you are producing per turn. The maximum value on this is 1 nuke per turn.

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