Conventional combat (non-nuclear) always consists of six phases and is done on a unit to unit basis:

  1. Deployment - a deployment phase when a unit is deployed. Each unit has 2 Action Points (AP) but all units deploy with their action points depleted. If you start to issue a move action for one of your on-map units you can no longer deploy this turn and will have to wait for next. [NEED TO CLARIFY/VERIFY]
  2. Fog Of War - when a unit has been deployed there is an update of visibility and the Fog of War. As you issue offensive and/or defensive combat orders the Fog of War is continuously updated.
  3. Offensive and/or Defensive Action - In this phase, you have selected a unit (filled unit) you would like to take action with thus issue Combat Orders. As soon as a player takes action with a unit, that unit cannot be unselected and must deplete it's actions (see unit selection) with a bottom warning text showing "UNIT COMBAT REPORT: 1 Action Remaining". For unit specific Combat Orders see Issue Combat Orders. 
    Issuing offensive orders will bring you into an engagement. Engagements (except for with submarines) against regions controlled or dominated by enemy faction will immediately trigger a war in that region and increase the Doomsday Clock by 1.
  4. Combat - Se Rules of Engagement and Unit priority
  5. Map Update - Update straits, overlays and other maps related data.
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