Terminal Conflict Wiki

Leaders are unique historical figures that can be recruited and provide their abilities to affect the running of your foreign policy with bonuses and maluses. Once recruited, a leader will create and keep a base of power in a specific region, costing them 1 Power/ Timeline. Similarly, using a leader's abilities will usually spend their power.

Each occupying a regional power-base, leaders do not move and their description text contains hints on what they might provide in terms of benefit or damage to your cause. If at any time a Leader’s power is reduced to zero, it is immediately lost.


  • State Affairs
    • Once in State Affairs, select the theater of your choice where you wish to recruit a leader (theaters with available leaders for the timeline will be lit for easy selection).
    • Select the available leader you wish to recruit
    • Press the RECRUIT button
Visual of the Recruitment Screen within Terminal Conflict
  • Theater Com:
    • Select a region with a Leader name
Visual of how to recruit from Theater Command within Terminal Conflict
  • Press the Quick Recruit Leader button to bring you to the leader recruit screen in State Affairs
  • Press the RECRUIT button
Once recruited, the Leader will take power and appear on the map, represented with an icon in its regional power base.
Visual of what a recruited leader will look like within Terminal Conflict

Leader Abilities

Easily inspectable, select a leader in the State Affairs and PRESS + HOLD 2 seconds over the leader ability icons for more information as each leader can possess two types of abilities:
  • Passive Abilities: Effect(s) granted without player input.
  • Active Abilities: Requires action from the player for effect(s) to be awarded.
Visual of what the layout will look like in regards to a Leader's abilities within Terminal Conflict