Base leader properties

Leader are:

  • Always visible on the map when recruited
  • Cannot move, attack, be re-based or embark without abilities
  • Block opponents but also your land/air units
    • It doesn't, however, block sea units
  • Each attack by Army, Bomber or Fighter command or Carrier Fleet reduces Leaders power by 1.
  • Can be assassinated by Intelligence Agent
  • Immune to Disarmament
  • Immune to Withdraw
  • Immune to WARZONE death rule (defeat in warzones does not kill them)

There are two types of Abilities a Leader can possess:

  1. Active Abilities: Requires action from the player (usually represented by a verb EX: Fortify)
  2. Passive Abilities: A modifier granted without player input (usually represented by an adjective EX: LeaderPlayboy)

Leader Base Abilities

Ability Name Activation Cost Effect Note
Active Leader - -1 Power/Timeline Leader active to be recruited in State Affairs (no longer grey) and loses 1 Power at the end of each Timeline.
Appropriation of Forces Leader Cost

Happens upon a Leader being Recruited into a region.

  • It will immediately establish it's own regime returning any friendly land /air military units to your Command Reserve granting 1 Power for each to the Leader (does not affect AC that is embarked).
  • Enemy units will be killed with the Leader losing Power equal to the cost of the enemy unit.

Leader Abilities

Ability Name Active/Passive Visible/Hidden Activation Cost Note


Active Visible 1 Power Gain +1 Influence in the local region

Great Pillar of Communism - Mao

Active Visible 1 Power Position +1 Influence in any region on Mainland China

Great Pillar of Communism - Sukarno

Active Visible 1 Power Position +1 Influence in any region on Indonesian and Papuan regions


Active Visible 2 Military Gain 1 People


Active Visible 1 Power / unit 1 Power per unit to restore combat status of adjacent friendly units


Active Visible 2 Power Position +1 Influence in the local Theater
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