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Global USA IntUnit Normal.png
Global USSR IntUnit Normal.png

Intelligence operations are carried out by either the CIA or the KGB and serve to expand your influence. There are a number of available operations:

List[edit | edit source]

  • Each action consumes Elites. Missions can be compromised, backfiring (10% chance after a success, 30% after a failure, with an additional 5% chance for a disastrous failure).
Name Image Cost Effect Base chance
Inform Inform Normal.png 0 Displays deployment costs in target area 100%
Reconnaissance Reconnaissance Normal.png 1 Reveals enemy military units stationed in target area 55%
Espionage Espionage Normal.png 1 Reveals enemy Focus, FP, and nuclear arsenal 55%
Infilrate Infiltrate Normal.png 1 Gain +1 Military or embed operatives with enemy forces, revealing fog of war in the territory 25%
False Flag FalseFlag Normal.png 1 Carry out operations falsely implicating the enemy, granting +1 Influence 10%
Assassinate Assassinate Normal.png 1 Chance to dispose of enemy leaders, failure grants +1 Power to target 20%