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Having launched a match and in the main Theater Command screen called 'THEATER COM', you are kept updated on the current situation unfolding on the map.

Top Field - Key Information

At the top of your terminal screen, you can see key information about the larger aspects of the game.

With beginning on the left:

  • Timeline - the 5 year period that you are currently playing
  • TURN(s) - the turn played right now / the total amount of turns in this focus
  • DOOMSDAY Clock - represents the tension between the superpowers. If filled, it allows for nuclear weapons launch
  • Arsenal button - Access button for the nuclear Launch Order Authorization showing the size of your nuclear arsenal as well as displaying with a bar on the side of the button your nations progress to producing another
  • Orientation Minimap button - Showcases the present Focus Theater (Western Europe [WEEU]) and your chosen national Posture (Armament [ARM]). Please note that by pressing the orientation minimap button, switches the screen to the World Map Overview (see Chapter 5.1).
  • Acting Faction Indicator - The icon displays the current acting faction (USA - Star / USSR - Hammer and Sickle)
  • MIRVIN button - Press when available to access contextual help from your personal AI assistant
Visual of the 'Top Field' and the presentation of key information in Terminal Conflict

Left Field - Menu

In the left-field menu you find the navigation part of the in-game terminal:
  • FOCUS MGM - leads to the focus management screen. Access this screen to view which focus the game is currently on and review its effects and conditions.
  • THEATER COM - displays the map of the Theater associated with the focus chosen.
  • STATE AFFAIRS - leads to the State Affairs from which you can: purchase military units, research nuclear technologies, launch into the Space Race or recruit foreign Leaders.
  • OPTIONS - leads to the options screen in which you can tweak audio volumes and access 'quality of life' options.
  • QUIT - browse to end the current game.
Visual of the 'Menu' in the left field of the screen in Terminal Conflict

Quitting the Game

Selecting 'QUIT' in single-player allows you to save the game against your AI opponent before quitting (to continue a saved game, see Chapter 4.2.2.)
Visual of the 'Quit' screen within Terminal Conflict
In a multiplayer game, saving is not an option and will result in handing victory to your opponent.

Bottom Field - Key Information

Domestic Interests

Each Interest holds nine (0-9) level bars and as a true leader, your task is to never fully fill or empty the interest of any domestic particular group (see Chapter 6.1).
Visual of the Domestic Interests bar within Terminal Conflict

Command Reserves/Policies

The Command Reserves is where you access your Logistics information, Intelligence operations from your Intelligence Service HQ (see Chapter 10). This is also where you access units available for deployment (see Chapter 8.3) and selected policies (see Chapter 6.3) for the Theater you are currently viewing.
Visual of the Command Reserve and Policy section of the screen within Terminal Conflict

Message Log

In the very bottom of the screen (just below the Interests Bar) you can see notifications and logs printed our of events as they happen. For example, the USSR's choice in having selected the focus 'French Communist Party' is directly relayed to you.
Visual of the message log part of the screen within Terminal Conflict
By pressing on the bottom notification text or the bottom message notification row, the terminal will immediately process all the information and allow you to browse the log history of the game.
Visual of the Message log history screen within Terminal Conflict
Events are color-coded to signal which player acted or received a particular event or decision; by default blue for the USA, orange for the USSR.

Theater Information

During your turn, in the right bottom corner of the screen is where you find a summary of the currently viewed theater information. The percentage expresses the amount of influence in the theater controlled by a faction. For example, if the USA has accumulated 35 influence in the North American theater out of 50 available, they will control 70%, while USSR has 0 and their local influence is insignificant.
Visual of the 'Theater Information' summary portion of the screen within Terminal Conflict
For easy access, please note that by pressing the Theater name text, switches the screen to the World Map Overview (see Chapter 5.1).