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Being a measure of each faction's sphere, your influence is calculated on two separate levels: (1) the Theater and (2) Regional level.

At the start of the game in 1946, the United States holds more overall but wider dispersed worldwide influence. As a consequence, US forces must contain enemy expansion for victory. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, has less influence but a more concentrated starting sphere. Well positioned for expansion, they will look to avoid containment to achieve victory.

Theater Influence

For each theater, your theater influence is the sum of all your faction's regional influences added together. As you expand your sphere, at the end of each Timeline (see Chapter 3.2.2), you will reap the reward in Victory Points (see Chapter 3.2.1) for each theater accordingly:

Influence Percentage Level of Theater Influence Victory Points per Timeline
20-49% Presence 1
50-89% Control 2
90-100% Domination 3

Regional Influence

Regional influence is the strength of a faction's sway in a single region. PRESS + HOLD for 2 seconds over a region to gain more information about it.
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The different levels of influence and their effects for a region are as follows:
Type Influence amount Level of Regional Influence Friendly Logistics throughput cost Enemy logistics throughput cost Escalator of regional abilities (each level adds to previous) Regional Combat Order effect(s)
Arctic Region None None No Throughput Allowed No Throughput Allowed Special region that may house both five friendly and enemy SUBMARINE FLEET(s).
Ocean Region None None 0.45 Turns 0.45 Turns Allows for the withdrawal of defeated adjacent military SEA units to this region.
Region 0 Non-Aligned 1.00 Turns 1.00 Turns Blocks military deployment Blocks withdrawal of defeated military units.
Region 1 Presence 0.70 Turns 1.00 Turns Enable friendly military deployment Enables withdrawal of friendly defeated military units.
Region 2 Presence 0.55 Turns 1.00 Turns
Region 3 Control 0.40 Turns No Throughput Allowed Closes Strait access for the opposing faction and blocks their logistical throughput Enemy attacks against this region declare a regional WAR ZONE increasing DOOMSDAY by 1.
Region 4 Control 0.35 Turns No Throughput Allowed
Region 5 Domination 0.30 Turns No Throughput Allowed Combat orders against this region declare a regional WAR ZONE and set DOOMSDAY to the maximum.
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