Historical figures are a driving force within the game. They can determine Decisions, influence Theaters, convert Interests and hold strategic points (like North Korea).

They come in 2 varieties:

  1. Leaders (Can be recruited, as a figure actual present on the map with abilities)
    • Leaders are upfront and noticeable (Like Mao)
  2. Characters [CHARACS] (Non-map figures featured through decisions only)
    • Behind the scene figures (Like Peng)
ID Ranges
USA Leaders 1000 - 1299
USSR Leaders 2000 - 2299
Other 3000 - 3299
USA Characs 1300 - 1999
USSR Characs 2300 - 2999
Other Characs 3300 - 3999

The detailed information regarding individual LEADERs can be found in the LEADERS Dataset. Their availability is determined by their starting timeline and their power (each power granting them to be available +1 timeline). Each Leader has a certain amount of Power and their Power is diminished by 1 by each timeline (both on-map and in State Affairs UI). Your factions Leaders are your allies that on the map will occupy the region they are recruited into. Once recruited, Leaders cannot move but can use their abilities. Each time the Leader is used it spends one of its Power. If at any time a Leaders' power is reduced to 0, it is immediately lost and removed from the map. Possible Leaders available for recruitment are displayed with their last name displayed on the map in their particular region.

Leaders are interlinked with Decisions, that can both enable or disable Leaders and recruiting a Leader means opening up a world of Policies they bring with them. They can both be rewarding and punishing depending on the context they are set. This context is described by their Leader description texts.

Leaders Rise and Fall

All leaders must be introduced before they are available for recruitment and when they lose power you gain a notification telling you they lost power.

Leader Recruitment

A Leader will be recruited to a region where you played it marked with an icon displaying the Leaders remaining political Power and in with the frame colour of the faction the Leader belongs to.

Leaders Contested

Against Other Leaders

A region may not house more than one Leader and playing a new Leader in a region occupied by a friendly or enemy Leader will cause a battle with the new leader.

EXAMPLE: If a Leader deployed to region 32 has 5 Power and you recruit a new Leader into that region with a Power of 3, your newly recruited Leader will die and the old one remain but with a reduced Power of 2 (5-3).

Against Enemy Units

Leaders enabled in regions housing enemy units immediately destroy any enemy land/air units occupying that region. Units appropriated will be subject to the same priority list of destruction as Land units do for attacking, I) AC, II) FC, III) BC.

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