As your factions resources are limited you will need to select ONE focus each timeline to focus on. The theater of that chosen focus will be your focus for that timeline (5 years) and new focuses are generated one at a time each turn depending on decision mechanics.

After each focus ending a Focus Report screen will have a summary of the outcome of that focus.

000-Arms Race

Arms Race

Focus Management

Focuses simulate historical focuses in the world and provide you with a general direction. Focuses can be of two sorts:

  1. Arms Race
  2. Disarmament


Interest Generation

Each player while choosing a theater has further options in regards to which interests they wish to generate per turn while the Focus is in play.

The USA player will choose an interest that both themselves and the USSR will generate per turn while their Focus is in play.

While the USSR player will choose an interest that both themselves and the American player will generate per turn while their focus is in play.

If both the USA and the USSR choose the same theater to operate in (Focus), they will generate the interest they respectively chose at the beginning of the timeline.

Theater Disarmament Influence Bonus

Selecting a Disarmament focus will also grant you a bonus influence in that theater corresponding to the amount of Focus Points; Arms Race focuses provide no influence bonuses (see the +Influence next to the theater name in the Disarmament Focus image). The bonus is granted right at the start of the timeline showing a Notification message.

Theater Selected by both Players

In case the theater selected by both player as their main focus the Disarmament Log Message will be replaced with a joint disarmament Notification message and no faction is rewarded with the Disarmament Influence bonus.

Focus Points

Focus Points (FP) are the most important resource in Terminal Conflict as it determines how many turns you will get to play in each timeline. When selecting a decision it is therefore vital that you plan ahead. Selecting a focus that grants many focus points might be strategically important if you are working towards military expansion as even deploying close to home, each deployment will cost you at least one FP.

All focuses grant you FP which you spend by making decisions or other types of actions etc. Disarmament usually grants fewer points (2-4) while Arms Race grants a considerable amount (4-6).

Selecting the same theater grants both you and your opponent double FP for that timeline.

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