Elites (§)

Primary Function

  • Intelligence


  • Political Establishment Characters
  • Domestic Regional Characters
  • Local Law/Police


  1. Party Services and source of domestic Characters
  2. Intelligence
  3. Legal Services
  4. Local Security and Stability
    • Make Local law 
    • Enforce Local law 

Opposes Heavy Interests

Representative and Possible Heads

  • Your Party/Party Chair
  • Department of Justice/Attorney General
  • Central Intelligence Agency/Director ____,CIA
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation/Director ____,FBI
  • Federal Bureau of Narcotics/First Commissioner ___, Federal Bureau of Narcotics
  • Your Party/Party Chair
  • Supreme Court of the USSR/Procurator General ___, Supreme Court
  • Committee for State Security (KGB)/Chairman ____, KGB
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs/Minister of Internal Affairs
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