The Effects menu allows the user to create, remove and duplicate the effects present in the decision selected in the Decision menu. The user can:

  1. Create, remove and duplicate effects
  2. Edit the effects properties

The effects shown in this menu come from one of two sources, both from the Options Menu:

  1. The costs of an option (hidden effects)
  2. The effects of an option

Effects list

  • The left-hand side of the menu shows a list of the effects contained in the option
  • Hovering over an effect entry brings up two buttons:
    • EffectsMenu-Delete deletes an effect (no confirmation asked)
    • EffectsMenu-Duplicate duplicates an effect
  • At the bottom of the list a EffectsMenu-New button allows the user to create a new effect

Effects information

  • When clicking on an effect entry, the right-hand side of the menu shows all the information related to that effect
  • The user can edit any property by clicking on the relevant item, such as Type, Target, etc.
  • The value of Type determines what the trigger is about and it regulates which properties can be edited and which can't (as some properties aren't relevant to a type, such as Intel Mission Type for Change Doomsday Clock Value type)
  • The Value Arguments and the Filter Arguments property bring the user to the Arguments Menu
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