The Edit Decisions Menu allows the user to inspect, create and remove decision files inside the mod selected in the Start Menu. The user can:

  1. Create/remove folders
  2. Create/remove decision files
  3. Select a decision file to be edited in the Decision Menu

File list

  • The left-hand portion of the screen acts as a file explorer, pointing at the folder holding the mod files. Only folders and decision/policy files are shown
  • For each folder, the number of "elements", i.e. decision/policy files contained within, is shown
  • With DecisionsMenu-Delete the user can delete the selected entry, be it a folder or a file. Confirmation is asked if the folder/file is not empty
  • DecisionsMenu-FolderUp brings the user to the parent folder in the hierarchy, with the topmost folder being the one containing the mod itself
  • DecisionsMenu-NewFileallows the user to create a new decision file choosing from one of three types:
    • Decision file: the file name must end in "Decisions"
    • Narrative decision file: the file name must end in "NarrativeDecisions"
    • Policy file: the file name must end in "Policies"
  • DecisionsMenu-NewFolder allows the user to create a new folder
  • When a folder is selected, DecisionsMenu-FileOpen brings the user to its content
  • When a file is selected, DecisionsMenu-FileOpen becomes DecisionsMenu-FileSelect which allows the user to access the Decision Menu where the file content can be edited

File description

When clicking on a decision/policy file, the right-hand portion of the screen shows some information about it:

  • The file name
  • The file type
  • The number of decisions/narrative decisions/policies (depending on the file type)
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