The Doomsday Clock ranges from full peace at 10 minutes to midnight (cannot go lower than that) to full nuclear war at 0 and is a measure of how close the world is to full out nuclear war. If at any time the clock reaches 0 (cannot go higher than that) the game allows for any player (USA or USSR) to manually trigger the Apocalypse through the Launch Order Authorization screen.

000-Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock always starts at 7 minutes to midnight (-7)

Increasing the Doomsday Clock

Offensive operations with Army Commands, Surface Fleets, Carrier Fleets, Bomber Commands, or Fighter Commands against regions controlled or dominated by enemy faction will immediately trigger a war in that region and increase the Doomsday Clock by 1 towards midnight or midnight if the region was dominated.

Reducing the Doomsday Clock

See Disarmament Focus.

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