Decisions are a dynamic part of the game and can be triggered either for their triggers or be triggered by other decisions. They can be fully customized via direct manipulation of text files or through the game editor.

Generation and information

There are three types of decisions:

  • Regular decisions (or just "decisions"), which can be either
    • Player Triggered decision (they present an achievable option by the end of the timeline)
    • Auto Triggered decision (they do not present an achievable option by the end of the timeline)
  • Narrative Triggered decision
  • Policies

Each player is granted 2 regular decisions after focus selection. Further decision generation each turn is done by the selected focus generating one each turn. A decision is activated by its Triggers; all decisions except for Narrative triggered decision have its options selectability depend on individual Conditions. If you do not fulfill these conditions and the options is unavailable for you, selecting the option will display in the message log the resource(s) that you are missing or have too many of as a notification message.

The triggered decision will be decided on the following priority order:

  1. fulfills its triggers
  2. has the highest chance among decisions
  3. if still more than one decision remains then choose one at random

Regular decisions

Player triggered decisions

  • Player Triggered Decisions all contain a main condition attached to them that you must fulfill to receive their stated bonus at the Timeline End Screen granting their full reward
  • While "Not Achieved", Player Triggered Decisions are not triggered and do not grant any bonuses and become lost at the end of the timeline. These decisions have a "Decide Later" function
  • If you do not want to wait until the Timeline End to reap some rewards, you may opt and manually trigger the alternatives that can be selected without fulfilling the Main Condition. Instead you only need to fulfill the conditions of the Alternative option

Auto triggered decisions

  • Auto triggered decisions are triggered when certain triggers are met and it's three options are dependent on individual conditions
  • Out of the three options you can select between automated decisions usually house the historical choice as option 1
  • They may or may not have a timer attached
Timed decisions
  • Automated decisions with a timer attached to an option will trigger at least one option at the end of your turn
  • The Timer will display the Turn timer to give you a sense of urgency and display how long until that choice will be forcing your hand
  • If you end your turn by taking any other action the option with the timer will resolve regardless
  • In case the First option does not fulfill its conditions when the decision triggers then the timer will be added to the second Option. If that doesn't fulfill its conditions than the timer will be set to the third Option
Non-timed decisions
  • Automated decisions without a timer can be enacted at any time during the timeline
  • If you have not made a selection by the end of the Timeline the decision is lost
  • These decisions have a "Decide Later" function

Narrative decisions

  • Narrative Triggered decisions do not usually provide a bonus but trigger other decisions (player, auto or narrative by their ID) or adjust conditions (% chance) for decisions to happen
  • When their triggers are fulfilled and their chance is high enough to be triggered, they do not provide choices (options) but only a screen notifying the player of this event and an OK button to acknowledge it
  • Narrative decisions are checked at every turn, every time a decision is fired, an interest is altered, a unit is withdrawn.


  • Policies are special Decisions shown on the Theater Com
  • Policies may also represent Characs, special historical figures: in that case they act as passive abilities, in that they may influence the course of events with special decisions. They may also provide immediate effects when selected
  • Policies are shown at all times, so they are available from the get go; their triggers are what determines if they can be launched or not
  • Max 3 Policies can be shown at any given time. The player can replace them, in which case they become irrevocably lost or, if they represent Characs, they lose 3 power
  • Unlike Decisions, Policies don't offer choices: every Policy provides only one outcome
    • Consequentially, Conditions are irrelevant as a Policy has only one Option
    • Conditions are ignored by Policies which instead consider Triggers when determining their ability to be launched

Decision properties

Any decision consists of the following properties:

Property Description Applies to Optional Default Example
ID Unique ID number All "ID": 123
Name Decision/policy title All "Name" "MyDecision"
Image Image shown when decision fires All "Image": "MyImage"
Sound Sound played when the decision is launched All Yes No sound "Sound": "MySound"
OpponentSound Sound played when the opponent launches this decision All Yes No sound "OpponentSound": "MySound"
Desc Description text for the decision All "Desc": "My description..."
IsTimed If true, the decision will resolve itself when the turn ends if the player ignores it Regular decisions Yes False "IsTimed": true
Chance Percentage from 0 to 100. When generating new decisions or evaluating narrative decisions, a "roll" chance is done to check if the narrative decision will be fired or if the regular decision will be generated (extracted) for this turn All except policies Yes 100 "Chance": 20
Priority An arbitrary number. When evaluating which decision to trigger, the one that fulfilled their triggers and has the highest priority will be triggered next as there is a limit on the amount of decisions that can be drawn each turn. If Priority is negative, such limit is ignored. Regular decisions Yes 100 "Priority": 100
  • "Once": the decision can be made available only once during the entire game (for policies, this means it can be fired only once)
  • "PerTurn": triggered once per turn at most
  • "PerTimeline": triggered once per timeline at most
  • "Repeat": can be fired at will
All "Unique": "Once"
TurnCooldown If "Unique" is "PerTurn", it represents the number of turns required for this decision to be eligible for triggering (policies: to be fired again) after having been fired All Yes 0 "TurnCooldown": 3
Faction It determines:
  • What faction may get this decision in a timeline
  • The meaning of "Target" in Triggers and Effects ("Player" and "Opponent" are relative to this value)

It defaults to ALL if not specified but it always becomes either USA or USSR depending on whichever faction is playing the turn when the decision is fired

All Yes ALL "Faction": "USA"
Turn The faction whose turn this decision can only be triggered into All Yes ALL "Turn": "USA"
Display Defines the visibility of a decision notification once triggered All Yes ALL "Display": "Player"
DisplayTheater Designates the theater shown in the decision title All except policies Yes "DisplayTheater": "WEEU"
DisplayBlinkRegions Regions that blink when this decision is available. Clicking such regions will also show a briefcase icon allowing the player to select the decision All except policies Yes "DisplayBlinkRegions": [80]
DisplayEffectRegions Regions where the decision name will be displayed onto when the decision is fired. If empty, it will print out in regions affected by influence change All Yes "DisplayEffectRegions": [80]
TimeLines The list of timelines in which this decision is allowed to spawn All "TimeLines": [1, 2, 3]
  • The list of conditions, modeled as Triggers, that need to be met, in addition to faction and region, for the decision to fire
  • All of the triggers need to be fulfilled in order for the decision to be available to be triggered
  • If TriggersAny is used the trigger is fulfilled if any of the triggers is fulfilled instead of all
  • Only one root between TriggersAny and TriggersAll is allowed
All "TriggersAll":

  "Type": "Interest",
  "InterestType": "Finance",
  "Value": 6
  "Type": "Interest",
  "InterestType": "Military",
  "Value": 1,
  "NOT": "true"

ImmediateEffects The list of Effects this Decision implements immediately. It is the only way for Policies and Narrative Decisions to carry out Effects. For Policies that represent Characs, these are fired as soon as the Player selects a Charac All Yes False "ImmediateEffects": [...]
  • The list of Options (max 3) that the regular decision offers
  • Each option has its own description, triggers (called conditions) that need to be fulfilled in order for this option to be active and effect that will be enacted
Regular decisions
"Options": [

{ "Desc": "Do something", "IsAchievable": false, "Cost": [], "ConditionsAny": [], "ConditionsAll": [], "Effects": [ ] }, { "Desc": "Do something else", "IsAchievable": false, "Cost": [ {"Type": "EndTurn"} ], "ConditionsAny": [], "ConditionsAll": [], "Effects": [ ] } ],

PolicyActive Activates/deactivates the policy Policies Yes True "PolicyActive": false
CharacPower If not blank, it represents the power of the policy/Charac Policies Yes "CharacPower": 3


An Option consists of the following properties:

Property Description Optional Default value Example
Desc The option description "Enact this"
TimelineEndRgnDisplay Displays a printout in world overview at Timeline End, reserved only Player Triggered decisions that have been achieved. Will print out simultaneously in all the regions designated. Yes "TimelineEndRgnDisplay": [ 172, 173]
IsAchievable Flags this option as the one whose conditions will be checked when the timeline ends instead of being eligible for player selection during gameplay. Only one option can have this property set to True Yes False "IsAchievable": true
ConditionsAny/ConditionsAll Determine the conditions under which the option is available for the player to choose. Checked at the beginning of every turn.  "ConditionsAny": [],
"ConditionsAll": [

{ "Type": "Interest", "InterestType": "Finance", "Value": 3 }


Effects The list of effects that this Option triggers. Also checked alongside the Option's Conditions in case of interests, FP and Victory points (if the effect causes one of these variables to become negative or greater than maximum allowed, then the option is not allowed) "Effects": [ {

"Type": "ChangeInterest", "Target": "Player",

"InterestType": "Government",

"Value": -1 } 


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