Carrier Fleet [CARF]

Constituted by a Carrier Battle Group and its grouping of surface vessels of all types, Carrier fleets are devastating against Surface fleets but vulnerable against Submarine fleets.

Active Abilities:

  • Carrier Strike - Can stage carrier operations in the Theater that Forces engagement of one Land Based (Army Command, Fighter Command, Bomber Command or Leader)
  • Nuclear launch (can be equipped with nukes if enabled by technology - Nuclear)

Passive Abilities:

  • Defeats all Surface Fleets in combat as long as it has remaining combat actions
  • Loses against Submarine Fleets in combat as long as the Submarine Fleet has remaining combat actions
  • Onboard Fighter wing provides Air Superiority against Bomber attacks in the same region as long as the fleet has remaining combat actions.
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB when at friendly coastal regions
  • Manoeuvres - Can be ordered to cross Theater borders between adjacent Theaters during Arms Race focus
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