Army Command [AC]

In military terms, this unit constitutes a field army and consists of 100,000 – 200,000 soldiers. This unit is weak when attacked by enemy Bomber Commands.

Active Abilities:

  • Fortify (The only military unit capable of capturing and fortifying regions by increasing its factions Influence by one – 1 Turn)
  • Embark (Embark onto a Surface ship in the same region - For free)

Passive Abilities:

  • Can be transported and disembarked from Surface Fleets
  • Cannot attack sea units
  • Manoeuvres - Can be ordered to cross Theater borders between adjacent Theaters during Arms Race focus
  • When defeated in a region that is not a Warzone, ACs can be withdrawn to a friendly region instead of the Command Reserve
  • All Bomber Commands it attacks directly are instantly defeated
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB
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