The Apocalypse can only be triggered when the doomsday clock is set to 0 (Midnight) by either player by pushing the nuclear button. This will bring up the Launch Order Authorization screen.

Launch Order Authorization

000-Launch Order Authorization

The targeting system prioritization calculation determines what is a priority and thus the Launch Order Authorization example image will not reflect correctly prioritized values but gives a good overview of the layout and rough function.

Preliminary Intelligence Analysis


Shows the loss of influence projected by friendly and enemy missile launch both in numbers of your total and in percentage. All values for calculating your losses are done by the range value factor used for enemy arsenal estimation.

Losses = Sum of the loss of influence in the top regions you have where the number of regions accounted is depending on the Arsenal Value OR Estimated Arsenal Value. The range is not factored in as all nukes are assumed to hit.

EXAMPLE: 9 in opponents arsenal means the losses are counted on all hits with your top 9 regions all being reduced to 0.

Victory Points
Interests Backlash

Any player that launches (First Strike) the Apocalypse will be punished depending on their People Interest. There is a minimum 10% penalty for a first strike and each People interests adds 10% although the total value will never exceed 100%. This penalty will reduce your total VP.

Ground, Air and Sea Forces

This is a summary of units that will be destroyed in the regions that will get nuked.

The loss figures here are based off all the units in the top regions used for the Influence calculations (Submarines are always excluded) counted out of the total (not including command reserve).

Opponent's losses in top opponent regions are calculated as follows for each region:

  • If no Intel is present then that region is estimated to house 1 Army Command and 1 Surface Fleet if it's a land/sea region;
  • If Intel is present then the exact unit composition is taken into account.


Once the Apocalypse has been launched it cannot be reverted. Launching the Apocalypse will move both players to the World Overview and launch the Apocalypse sequence to end the game. The "authorized launch animation" enables Target selection and Yield then proceeds to show the timer on how close until your first nukes strikes an enemy region in seconds.


  1. Your Interests backlash is deducted from your current VP in case you launched the Apocalypse (First Strike)
  2. The units will begin delivering their payloads
  3. Each enemy unit killed regardless of Warzone will deduct their value from your VP / Opponents units killed from opponents VP
  4. All Friendly regions that survived and are at least controlled will add their Influence to the final total VP
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