Abilities - Army Command

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  • ARMY MANEUVERS (Ends Turn): Move to or engage any one LEADER, LAND or AIR unit in an adjacent land region. When only BOMBER COMMANDS remain defending against this attack, all are immediately defeated.

Army Command Abilities[edit | edit source]

1. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE(Passive): Detects any enemy LAND or AIR units in adjacent regions when not REORGANIZING.
2. TRANSIT(Passive): Whenever the first move is into a friendly CONTROLLED(3+) or DOMINATED(5) region, you may choose unit MANEUVERS one more time.

Army Fortify[edit | edit source]

FORTIFY(Ends Turn): Increase INFLUENCE (see Chapter 7.1.2) by ONE in the local region.

Embark/Disembark[edit | edit source]

Example: In the Western Unites States, the USA you can use the Embark ability to load the Army Command stationed there on to the available Surface Fleet present in the same region. Please note that in case the Surface Fleet (on which you have loaded an Army Command) is destroyed or sent to Command Reserve, the same faith is shared by the unit that it is transporting.

DISEMBARK(Ends Turn): Unload transported ARMY COMMAND to the local region.
Example: The USA Surface Fleet in Greece is about to Disembark an Army Command in the region after having moved there the last turn (noticible by the dotted lined circle around it). Please note that the Disembark ability is available only as long as the logistical limit of five units (LAND and AIR combined) has not been reached.